Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beware of your dandruff

Beware of your dandruff

Like elsewhere on the body, we all lose dead skin cells from our scalps, but when more are lost than normal they clump together to form dandruff flakes – this can happen when the scalp's either too oily, or too dry. It's believed to run in families and be caused by a fungus called pityrosporum ovale that's fuelled by excess production of the natural sebum oil secreted from your skin glands

What it make worse

When you're a hormone-ridden teenager you're more likely to suffer, while your diet can also affect it –salty or spicy foods can make it worse, as can stress and changes in weather (sunlight inhibits the growth of the pityrosporum ovale yeast).

I see lots and lots of people who complain about losing hair and itchy scalp and they are not aware of what’s wrong with the hair. 90% people who complain have dandruff in their hair……….

There are two kinds of dandruff

  1. Oily dandruff( Scalp is oily with patches)
  2. Dry dandruff ( scalp is itchy and flaky)

You need to take care of your hair and check weather there is any signs of dandruff please beware this may pass to other person next you ……

Here is a treatment that you can give it at home

This treatment is for Oily scalp

2 tsp Vinger

2 tsp Lemon Juice

Mix the two stuff and with a cotton apply to scalp.

Never use conditioner for oily scalp

This treatment is for Dry Scalp

Hot Oil Treatment

Olive Oil

Warm the oil not soo hot but warm

With cotton apply it into the scalp

Can use conditoner


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